6 Smart ways To Get Rid of Pests at Home

6 Smart ways To Get Rid of Pests at Home

There’s a wide range of factors that cause residential pest infestation: seasonal changes, loss of habitat, food and water shortages, and weather changes. Pests can damage your property and increase the risk of various health problems, including allergies, asthma, and food contamination illnesses. Some of the common household pests are termites, cockroaches, mice, ants, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. There are various signs of residential pest infestation, such as: droppings, chewed items, tiny dried blood spots, nests in gutters and small openings in your home

Pest extermination is a tedious and daunting process, but it’s worth the hassle. Based on research, pest control has an array of benefits: safeguarding your property, eliminating unnecessary health risks, protecting your furniture, and protecting your pets. Below are the top smart ways to get rid of pests at home:

1. Hiring Pest Control Service

Pest extermination is an overwhelming process that requires professionalism. Pest exterminators like pest control sydney will use high-tech equipment and Eco-friendly products to eliminate residential pests. There are various aspects you should consider when selecting the right pest control company, including experience, reputation, guarantee, and access to the latest technology. Professional pest exterminators will opt for the best strategy to get rid of all the pests.

2. Keep the Outside Free of Debris

Yard waste, compost bins, and firewood stacks are good hiding places for pests that might move indoors. Remove stagnant water from the yard to eliminate the breeding ground for mosquitoes. In addition, keep the landscape beds free from debris and weeds, which harbor pests, and prune trees near your house.

3. Dry Up Damp Areas

As previously stated, pests are in search of water and food. Some home-invading pests, including house centipedes, prefer to hang out in damp places. Therefore, you should repair any leaky pipes, drains, and faucets. In addition, make sure your washing machine, dryer, and air conditioner are all working appropriately. You should use a dehumidifier to dry up dump areas of your house, like the basement.

4. Clean Regularly

Good housekeeping can help in getting rid of pests, especially in the kitchen, where food crumbs accumulate. You should vacuum and clean trash cans regularly. In addition, ensure your bathtub drains and the kitchen sink is sparkling clean. You can utilize a drain cleaner to keep household pests away.

5. Seal Up Cracks and Openings

Take a close at your doors, windows, and screens. If you identify small holes or cracks, repair them immediately. Openings and cracks act as wide-open doors for pests. Sealing openings and cracks will prevent not only pests but also cold drafts.

6. Use Traps for Rodents and Insects

Unlike harsh chemicals, using traps for insects and rodents is an environmental-friendly approach. You can either use snap traps or sticky traps to kill rats and mice. On the other hand, if you are dealing with hornets or wasps, hang traps with honey to trap and kill them.


There are other ways of eliminating house pests, such as sealing your food with airtight containers and putting away your pet’s food at night. Controlling household pests will lower the risk of various health issues listed here and improve property safety.