Camping With Bears, the Right Way

Camping With Bears, the Right Way

Wildlife has everyone’s adrenalin popping and giving them the wild nature high. One of the main perks of driving down a forest area or an Alaskan river is the ability to witness the beautiful scenery surrounding the region, and also to savour the sights of wildlife.

If you’re willing to hunt for a wild bear, camp alongside a river and cook your dinner, then you ought to camp right with the wild creatures in your company.


The density of these grizzly bears is exceptionally high around the lakes and rivers (mainly any water bodies). Although it creates an excellent chance for their photography, it is always essential to be safe and secure around them. This requires a certain amount of precaution and knowledge lest you should be their dinner, instead of them being yours.

Sighting bears are great, but not pleasant around your camp sides or camp locations. One of the great ways to keep them at bay is odour management.

Bear-proof containers

The bear-proof containers are generally like the traditional alum weld boxes that are sold along with all the rafting grear. These containers comprise of the electric fences that can keep them away with the help of shock, and protect your camping site at night. You could also manage to get a bear horn, but it is impossible to make sounds all night.

Hang your foods

Bears are known for entertaining the campsite or the camping area and stealing food from the visitors. If you wish to safeguard your food, then the best way to do so is to hang them high above or let them float on the backs of the river.

Get rid of the smell from the tents.

The smell is not just associated with food, but can also expand to the toiletries like shampoos, soaps and also your deodorants. Since bears are susceptible to odour, you never know what they’re attracted to! Hence, by getting rid of all the odours possible, you will eliminate most of your risks from bears and other wild animals as well. One best way to do it is to store all the toiletries and other odor-producing items on the raft at night- away from the tent. By doing so, even if you’re exposed to danger, it is far off from your camp.

Go in groups

Generally, the areas accompanied by bear residence comprises of hiking spots and hilltops. When you’re hiking, always make sure you’re travelling in groups, making a lot of noise. This is because there aren’t many bear attacking stories in the larger groups when compared to a group of threes and fours.

Bear Flares

Flares and bangers are the most inquisitive for all the bears, even for the ones that are far away. The noise made by these bear flares and bangers helps to keep in the far away from bears at bay.