Innovations that Changed the Technology in Film Industry

Innovations that Changed the Technology in Film Industry

Everything gets compact as we inhale a puff of oxygen, and the technology around us never fails to amaze us. All aspects of filmmaking are changing by the day to take the industry to a whole new level. As every innovation is driving every content creator to explore unprecedented areas of filmmaking, more visually appealing results are likely to take form. Pushing the envelope has never been a monotony for the film industry since with every milestone something novel is brought to the table. With plenty of technological marvels to create magic on the screen, all creative souls are diving deeper for more opportunities. Here are a few such innovations that have been changing the scene of filmmaking.

1.      Autonomous Drones

Autonomous Drones

Drones have now become a common object at every film location. But these devices could turn out into the fundamental aspect of filmmaking with time since it contains a lot of scopes that is yet to be revealed. Autonomous drones that offer the current range of features are only a beginning to what is to come. Sentient drones with algorithms and built-in knowledge can be expert in covering massive landscapes, and they could also have advanced techniques of viewing angles, screen position, and shot sizes. Open source technology may also be used in these drones to develop better prodigies, and all of these technologies can also aid in providing better corrective obstacle avoidance.

2.      4K+3D Technology

Many devices are now an integral part in the process of filmmaking; of them all, it is VR that looks to be a promising one. In the future of all industries, VR seems to have a position; so, filmmaking is bound to have more areas of application than any other field. The 4K 3D live production camera is one such example of a device that has the technology of VR installed in it. The cameras are sure to change the scene of the film industry in no time since they cover a diverse set of requirements for capturing moments. The Google Yi Halo is a 16-point 4K 3D action camera that has also been in the talks for its excellent functions. Although this setup is quite expensive, it assures an enhanced quality in the films you make.

3.      Filmmaking Gear for Smartphones

Filmmaking Gear for Smartphones

People who are skeptical about everything around them could also think of filmmaking on smartphones as impractical. Having scenes shot on iPhones for an entire film can also make for a good picture. But what matters here is the gear you have. If you do not own or rent the necessary equipment to get started with the shoot, you may not have the best output. Each year has something in store for the world of filmmaking in terms of the technology being used. The iPhone gimbals and perfect dolly setups can also be bought these days to make the experience more immersive. Compact sizes can also make good films, and the innovations and tweaks to certain technologies have been proving it over time.