Best Personal Robot of 2020

Best Personal Robot of 2020

With every passing second, the technology around us is advancing. Not a moment goes by without new ideas being proposed for a magical object to be created. Robots have always been a fascinating object that creates a lot of curiosity in people of all ages. Various types of robots have been in the making since the last century.

Although there are highly advanced robots today with artificial intelligence driving them, the toys that are being created are also a great sell in the market. Kids love the toys that are bought for them, and as advanced it gets, the fun multiplies. But these only occupy the front rows in the kids’ shops. Technology thrives with the robots that carry superlative intelligence within them. Personal robots are becoming more prevalent by the day, thereby putting the developers under higher pressure to make better pieces in the future. Humanoids are also being created nowadays, making the world to be as futuristic as it looked in the comics and movies. Here is a list of the best personal robots in 2020.

1.      Walker

This bipedal humanoid robot is impressively agile and intelligent. Walker was first revealed in the CES 2019; after which, the developers had announced its launch in the next 18 months. The robot has the ability to walk smoothly and talk to people with less robotic elements shackling it. Walker stands at 1.45 m and can manipulate and grasp any object for the user. Although this robot isn’t in the market yet, it looks to be the next big thing in the technology of robots since it is the first bipedal robot to be commercially viable.

2.      Samsung BOT Retail

Samsung BOT Retail

At CES 2019, Samsung released three robots; of the three, it was the BOT Retail that grabbed the most attention. It is the biggest in the lot with its basic shelving system at the back and large front display. This robot uses the NFC technology to make payments, interacts with people, and recognizes objects with its front-facing camera. With these many features attached to it, the robot looks like a potential winner in the competition.

3.      Mykie: The Kitchen Assistant

One of the technologies that are likely to invade all homes soon is the My Kitchen Elf robot. Bosch developed this robot as a kitchen assistant, and it functions similar to that of Alexa or Google Home. Mykie could help you with your cooking experiments since it has an acute sense of tastes. This culinary expert could be a great companion at your kitchen counter when you are planning meals for the day. All networks of your appliances can be linked using this robot to make all of them function concurrently. Mykie could also help you find recipes and dishes that are easy to make with all you have stocked in the refrigerator. You can get the recipes projected on the walls with Mykie’s built-in projector that functions with voice activation and touchscreen. The integrated camera in the robot can create an immersive experience for the whole family while cooking.